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Our Males

Meet our Beautiful Boys



AKC Registered Golden Retriever

Tucker loves to swim, play fetch and be around his family. Tucker loves tennis balls and often carries two in his mouth! He is a mommas boys and thinks he is a lap dog.

His disposition can best be described as playful, affectionate, and loyal. 



Labrador RetrieverRetired - April 2022

Kaiser enjoys sitting back and taking it all in. We often refer to him as the old wise man. He loves being outside and around others.

HIs disposition can best be described as nurturing, easy-going and loyal. 



F2 Standard Goldendoodle   

Archer loves getting attention when he's not swimming in the lake. He is a very social dog who enjoys a good game of tug-o-war!

HIs disposition can best be described as loyal, full of life, and social. 



AKC Registered Labrador Retriever

Briggs is the wild-man of the group. He enjoys running in the yard and playing around. He is very social and full of life.

His disposition can best be described as playful, loyal, and energetic. 



CKC Registered Golden Retriever

Benson is a very loving dog who loves his momma. He loves getting attention and playing with others. 

His disposition can best be described as loyal, playful, and sweet.



AKC Registered Golden Retriever

Tobias is very laid-back and enjoys doing his own thing. He enjoys exploring his environment and just lounging around the yard. He is also eager to please.

His disposition can best be described as independent, loyal, and easygoing.

Our Males: Males
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