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My name is Emily and I am the owner of Indian Lake Retrievers. I have been married to my high school sweetheart since 2016 and we have been together since the age of 14. I often refer to myself as a stay-at-home dog mom. Although we do not have any children, we call our dogs our kids. I have always been an animal lover and developed a love for Golden Retrievers as a young child. My husband grew up with Labrador Retrievers and he introduced my love for those as well.

At Indian Lake Retrievers we are all about family! I am very close with my three siblings and all of my nieces and nephews. They also help with creating the perfect environment for my pups to become well-rounded family pets. I love bringing joy to other families through a furry family member and early exposure and encounters help make the transition from my home to yours a very welcoming experience! 

I have been breeding full-time since 2018 and pups raised in my home are a very important part of our family. We do not currently or plan to ever offer re-homing or guardian-home programs for our dogs. First and foremost they are our family and pets, regardless of our breeding program. Upon retirement my pups continue to live fun, healthy, and full lives in our home. I strive to provide healthy pups so all parents are health tested to ensure there are no breed relevant health conditions being continued. My love for the breeds not only drive my obligation to ensure quality pups but to continuously learn new ways to create healthy and happy dogs to enrich the lives of others with love and loyalty that these precious pets offer.

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